May 21, 2007 at 2:49 pm (Gab)

missiexercise1.gifWhew, I know it’s been awhile again… I’m a slacker, what can I say. However, I’m bursting with endorphins at the moment so I’m going to jot down a quick blog before I go back to being a slug for the day.

A few years ago, after my son was born, I was determined to lose the baby fat I’d accumulated after being pregnant twice in two years. I actually started the process when I was about 6 mos pregnant with him, taking a two mile walk several times a week and eating so healthy that by the time he was born, I was already on the right track. Once I’d healed from the birthing process, I kicked it into high gear, working out 3 times a week at first, then 4 or 5, until, on the days when I didn’t have to work out, I did it anyway because I felt better on the days when I did. I lost about thirty pounds in three months and felt amazing. My dh would come home and I’d laughingly point out a new muscle I’d discovered was developing. Proud proud proud. Self esteem up, confidence soaring… I felt awesome.

Then I went back to college with the determination of graduating with honors. Study time took over my work out time and I fell back into old habits. I gained back twenty of those pounds and I’m sick sick sick of it. So when I got my first paycheck as a published author, I bought the family a high-tech treadmill, thinking that I could walk on it while reading or watching my favorite show. I got on it twice, and I’ve had it since February. THe problem was, it was so loud I couldn’t hear the TV and I got a little nauseated trying to read while bobbing up and down on the sucker.

So, as it sat in my dining room collecting dust, we decided to try to sell it to my in-laws. They wanted something smaller and hey, I paid good hard-earned money for this thing, so having it just sit there is beginning to gnaw at me. So today, I tried something different. For my birthday, my dh bought me an Ipod. I loaded many songs onto, labled the play list -WORKOUT, and got on the treadmill. The ear buds drowned out the groaning motor of the beast and halfway through the first song, I was singing and dancing and determined to give it a real go. I did, for thirty minutes, and I could have gone another thirty if I’d been wearing decent shoes. I owe the good time I had working out to the choice of songs I put on my birthday gift. Listening to them, I didn’t feel like I was exercising at all.

Here’s what I sweated to today:

Warm up: Bon Jovi (Have a Nice Day) and (Bells of Freedom)

Cardio: Christina Aguilera – Fighter, Can’t Hold Us Down
                Shania Twain – Man, I Feel Like a Woman
                Bon Jovi – Bounce and It’s My Life

Cool Down – Garth Brooks – Standing Outside the Fire

I think I’m forgetting some…hmmm. anyway, all of those fired me up! Now, the endorphins are wearing off and I must rest…… Will let you know if I get back on the beast tomorrow!


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Book 2

April 14, 2007 at 10:28 pm (Gab)

dwsmall.jpgComing December 2007 (right in time for Christmas)….

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Neglegent Blogger Confesses All

March 6, 2007 at 12:06 pm (Gab)

Ok, so I’ve been neglecting this blog badly. Two months without a post – no excuse for it. And there’s not one coming, either. I’ve simply had nothing to chat about. I think I’ve seen one or two movies in all that time. One, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, is not worth blog time. The other, Arthur and the Invisibles, was an enchanting animated movie that deserved a bit of my time. But, I saw it so long ago now, my memory wouldn’t do it justice. So I’ll leave it at – SEE IT. Take your kids to see it. It’s worth it.

 It’s the same for books. Reading has been scarce, I’m sad to say. Not that I dont have about 500 books on my TBR pile. I’ve just had other things preoccupying my free time. Nothing major or exciting. Just…stuff.

 I do have a bit of news, though. My second release (Title to be announced later) has been moved up from July 2008 to January 2008. It’s a blend of fantasy, historical, and romance all in one. Details to come.

I hope the new year has been treating all of you kindly. There’s still a lot more to come!


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The Devil’s Possession is available for pre-order

January 12, 2007 at 9:53 am (Gab)

tdpjpeg.jpgIt’s finally up at amazon! My debut, available for pre-order!

 Not sure why this was so thrilling to me, the cover’s not even up there yet. But I got a jolt of excitement anyway.


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My First Quote!

January 5, 2007 at 9:55 pm (Gab)

tdpjpeg.jpgThe amazing, best-selling author, Sharon Sala just made my day, month, year, whatever. Look at what she said about The Devil’s Possession!

   “Heather Waters debut novel is without doubt, one of the best stories I’ve read in years.  The Devil’s Possession has it all.  A sit-on-the-edge-of-your seat story line, a memorable heroine and a hero to die for.  The magic of the land in which she’s set her story is a marvelous match to the magic of her storytelling.” –Sharon Sala

How fabulous is she???????ninelives.jpg

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January 2, 2007 at 1:43 am (Gab)

Happy New Year to everyone! It’s finally 2007, which is a year I’ve been waiting for rather impatiently. Only 8 months to go before Devil’s Possession debuts! Shoot, I did longer than that for two pregnancies. Piece of cake!

Seriously though, I’m on a break from writing until my kids return to school Wednesday. I had to choose between trying to write with them hanging around, or putting work aside and letting them live. I chose to let them keep breathing (at least until Spring Break).

My brother and his family are off to Italy for a 3 year tour. It was really hard to say goodbye, especially since it had been 3 years since I’d seen them anyway, and they’d just come to visit for Christmas. We’ll just not mention how jealous I am that they’ll be 45 minutes from Venice! Before they left, my brother and his wife decided I needed to try a game they love called World of Warcraft. It’s a sign that they are evil, evil people, because I’m hooked. Hence, the title of this post. M.I.A. that’s me. I’ve barely moved off my patio in 3 days.

Sigh….. But what’s not to love? I get to pretend to be an elf all day long! Or a cute little gnome….. Nevermind that my dh can’t remember what I look like. He’ll get over it.

Here’s hoping Santa was good to all of you and that the New Year’s baby will be even kinder 🙂


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My first cover!

December 13, 2006 at 6:47 pm (Gab)

I got the cover art for Devil’s Possession today!

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Come visit me

December 7, 2006 at 9:58 am (Gab)

I’m chatting at Between the Covers today. Stop by and say Hi!


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Imprisoned By Free Time

November 28, 2006 at 4:25 pm (Gab)

Free time can be a blessing, but the saying “Idle hands are the devil’s plaything” didn’t come out of thin air!

I just turned in book 2 to Berkley last week. This past weekend, I felt light as a feather, elated that I was obligation free in the writing department. That feeling didn’t last long. I’m itching again, eager to move on to something new. But, at the same time, I really want to take advantage of being deadline free by catching up on reading, cleaning, and several other things I neglected these last couple of months. Wanting to do both has prevented me from doing either. When I sit to write, I get up to clean. When I pick up a book, I put it down and reach for my laptop. Sigh. A vicious cycle, this free time. I don’t like it much.

 To my editor should she ever visit here… another deadline please. It keeps me sane!

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Gratitude Day 5

November 24, 2006 at 8:06 am (Gab)

As a writer, it’s only appropriate that I end the 5 days of gratitude with all the things that make a writer’s life easier.

1 – My laptop. If it had a heartbeat, I would sleep with it at night.

2 – My alphasmart. If you don’t know what this is, you’re probably not a writer. If you ARE a writer and don’t know what this is, I advise you drop everything and go here now. I don’t know a single author who doesn’t have one and love it. It’s the next best thing to, well, books.

3 – Bookmarks. I LOVE bookmarks. Not the kind you spend 4 dollars for at the bookstore. The kind that authors make to promote themselves. I loves signed ones. I collect them, I suppose – as well as the magnets of the book covers. Love those too!

4 – Excel. Nothing can make my day zing by like working on my writing schedule, which is set up in Excel. I love this hobby so much, I even do it for others. Can you say geek? It does mess with my actual writing schedule sometimes, but whatever. It’s fun.

5 – Last but definitely not least – Movie scores. Not the soundtracks with the songs that have lyrics. The actual movie scores, the songs you hear in the movies. Because I write historical novels, anything with lyrics tends to snap me back to present day. But give me the score to Troy, Tristan & Isolde, Lord of the Rings, and I’m set to write all day long.

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