Heather grew up as an Air Force brat, which means, by the time she was thirteen, she’d lived in four states and two countries. Six years spent in Turkey led to a fascination in history and foreign cultures that still feed her dreams today. From Ephesus to the Virgin Mary’s home, history has played a vital part in sparking Heather’s imagination, providing fuel for many of the stories always brewing in the back of her mind. She owes her love of  books, romances in particular, to her mother who handed her The Princess by Jude Deveraux  in sixth grade. The passion developed from there into a love of writing. She can’t wait for the day when an editor tells her it’s okay to write a sprawling historical revolving around a Turkish sultan — popular in the eighties, but where have such romances gone?

In 2005, Heather received The Call from Berkley books and is impatiently awaiting the publication of her first book, THE DEVIL’S POSSESSION. Now the mother of two, Heather resides in Florida with her husband, Kyle, their children, and a lazy golden retriever called Sadie.


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