Superman Returns…DVD

January 3, 2007 at 11:45 am (Movie/Media Reviews)

superman.jpgPerhaps I won’t be completely fair to this movie because I so loved the old ones and adored Christopher Reeves, but I just didn’t like this movie very much, which is depressing because I really wanted to see it. The first thing that bothered me was the new Lois Lane. Sorry, but her name eludes me – probably because she’s a pretty forgettable actress. I didn’t so much have issues with the guy who played Superman (can’t remember his name either), but something about him bothered me. It was my DH who pointed out what I think might be the reason I didn’t like this guy in the role. He made a decent Superman, and occasionally looked so much like Christopher Reeves that I almost liked him. But it was his alter-ego, Clark Kent, that fell short. The new actor just couldn’t look awkward and geeky enough to pull that off. Same with Kevin Spacey. I know his name because I adore him, but he just wasn’t a great Lex Luther for me. Again, not sure why. Maybe because he played it too much like the guy he played in Seven, like my brother suggested.

Anyway, the story is boring – couldn’t Lex Luther have wanted something more brilliant than a new land mass? Really. That’s the whole conflict. I had a hard time staying awake to see the ending. I almost wish I’d gone to sleep.


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