January 2, 2007 at 1:43 am (Gab)

Happy New Year to everyone! It’s finally 2007, which is a year I’ve been waiting for rather impatiently. Only 8 months to go before Devil’s Possession debuts! Shoot, I did longer than that for two pregnancies. Piece of cake!

Seriously though, I’m on a break from writing until my kids return to school Wednesday. I had to choose between trying to write with them hanging around, or putting work aside and letting them live. I chose to let them keep breathing (at least until Spring Break).

My brother and his family are off to Italy for a 3 year tour. It was really hard to say goodbye, especially since it had been 3 years since I’d seen them anyway, and they’d just come to visit for Christmas. We’ll just not mention how jealous I am that they’ll be 45 minutes from Venice! Before they left, my brother and his wife decided I needed to try a game they love called World of Warcraft. It’s a sign that they are evil, evil people, because I’m hooked. Hence, the title of this post. M.I.A. that’s me. I’ve barely moved off my patio in 3 days.

Sigh….. But what’s not to love? I get to pretend to be an elf all day long! Or a cute little gnome….. Nevermind that my dh can’t remember what I look like. He’ll get over it.

Here’s hoping Santa was good to all of you and that the New Year’s baby will be even kinder đŸ™‚



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