Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

June 27, 2006 at 4:57 pm (Books I've Enjoyed)

Chamber of Secrets is my least favorite HP book, but that doesn’t mean it’s not great. It simply means it’s not as fabulous as the others.

In chamber of Secrets, Harry finally learns why he can talk to snakes, but it’s also the first book where death becomes vitally important to the entire series. For those who don’t know, death is, indeed, a main theme to Harry Potter … how we deal with it, fear of it, what we’re wiling to do to escape it etc. It’s the first book where life or death becomes a reality for a character other than Harry – namely, the person opening the Chamber of Secrets.

One of the reasons I do like COS is because it’s also the introduction to Moaning Myrtle, who is so annoyingly cute and nerdy, you can’t help but like her, and also, it’s the introduction to Dobby, the house elf. Thankfully, the movie included both of these elements (though the following movies left out Dobby, which I think was a huge mistake on their part.)

So, final thought: if you read Sorcerer’s Stone, chances are you read Chamber of Secrets quickly after and so on anyway. They’re like Lays potato chips. Betcha can’t eat just one.


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