January 30, 2006 at 5:16 pm (Movie/Media Reviews)

wc.jpg(Comedy- DVD)

I’m not a big Vince Vaughn fan, but I adore Owen Wilson. He didn’t let me down in Wedding Crashers, and surprisingly, Vince Vaughn kept me in stitches. This is one of the better comedies I’ve seen in a long time.


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January 30, 2006 at 4:23 pm (Gab)

The manuscript is done. Done, done, done. Off to the editor and I await revisions (eek). Completion has never felt so rewarding. Am I happy with the result? I did my upmost to make it the best that I am capable of. Let’s just hope I did it justice.

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January 19, 2006 at 5:10 pm (Movie/Media Reviews)

wd.jpgRomantic Comedy starring Debra Messing and Dulmot Mulroney

I’m so hesitant to bad-mouth anything here. I know how hard it is to create anything and hope for success, but this movie irritated me. The comedy was fabulous. Not so much from the primary characters, but from the secondary ones, I laughed A LOT. But when the movie was over, I didn’t feel like I’d just watched a great movie. The romance just didn’t work. Dermot Mulroney plays a male prostitute when it comes down to it, and there was absolutely no reason for me to believe this job was different than any other for him. I was rooting for them, truly. I just didn’t buy it. If you watched this one and disagree, please tell me why. I’d love to hear from you.

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